brillianceHere are 20 of my favourite books related to training, fitness, nutrition and making s*** happen!

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  1. The Hormone Diet 
  2. Living Low Carb 
  3. The Metabolism Advantage 
  4. The Paleo Solution 
  5. Nutrient Timing 

Every diet book provides a solution proven effective under some circumstances…  The question is, does the solution fit your current circumstances?  The books I have listed above will provide valuable knowledge related to nutrition, training and recovery.  I like to think most people who decide to read these books are highly motivated to make a change. Why are so many still lost in their approach even after gathering new and effective knowledge?  The books below will provide some insight on this.

Behaviour Change and Self Help

  1. The Success Principles
  2. Switch
  3. The One Thing
  4. Drive 
  5. The Little Big Things 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence
  6. The Alchemist

Its one thing to ‘know’ something but putting your knowledge to practice is often challenging.  I started personal training when I was 18, a mentor and fellow trainer suggested reading ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield.  I was skeptical when I found the book categorized as ‘self help’… I was in College, I knew everything at the time… The books listed above will help to effectively plan behaviour change and your ‘success’.

Specific Programs, Principles and Applications

  1. Speed training
  2. Special strength training manual for coaches
  3. Poliquin has a variety of good ones (Poliquin PrinciplesModern Trends in Strength Training)
  4. Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Shoulder and Hip Dysfunction 
  5. Ben Pakulski MI40

There are a lot of great strength coaches… I recommend learning from all of them.  Learn to ask quality questions, understand the science behind their methods, be curious.  Use tools like skype, airplanes and cars to communicate with professionals all over the world, don’t live in a bubble.

Weight Training, Exercise and Nutrition Science

  1. Science and Practice of Strength Training
  2. Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science, Fourth Edition 
  3. Sports Biomechanics: The Basics: Optimizing Human Performance
  4. Essentials of Exercise Physiology 

Without a scientific background you may find yourself regurgitating advice from today’s most sought after GURU.  In my opinion, this is a problem; results will be inconsistent.  Learning from the best in the business is always a great idea, but take it a step further and strive to understand how they have developed their current methods, beliefs, opinions and consequently, results.

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