The mobility section on Mitch Stewart blog is designed to help you identify your limitations in range of motion allowing you to incorporate an effective mobility routine into your training schedule. Your mobility plan should serve to improve quality of movement through the ranges you use in daily life, sport and in training.

The exercises you include in your weight-training program should reflect your current ability to coordinate movement.  As you work through the information provided on this site you will begin to recognize how deficits in joint range of motion and control will affect your performance on the track, field, ice or gym.

Furthermore, as you incorporate mobility into your routine you will begin to develop a stronger sense of body awareness.  Eventually this becomes a powerful tool to self assess your physical readiness. Throughout rigorous training periods or after spending extended periods with little movement variety you may begin to feel muscular tension in areas that limit your training or performance.  A combination of the information found on this site and your commitment to a consistent mobility plan will help you extinguish stiffness before it ever becomes a limiting factor in training, performance or life.


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